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 Waivers & Policy

BBA General Liability Waiver


WE/I have adequate insurance coverage and give permission for the following to attend and participate in

BBA Basketball Training.

My athlete(s) have had a recent physical exam and may participate in all the activities of BBA Basketball Training. WE/I give permission for said person(s) to receive necessary treatments from a member of the staff in an emergency.

WE/I agree to hold harmless from and indemnify the staff of BBA from any claims which may hereafter be incurred as a result of participation in this camp.


BBA Photo Waiver


In the case that we would like to use a photo of your son and/or daughter on our website and/or brochure, please give your permission by signing the registration form.


Refund and Use Policy


No refunds unless there is a valid reason, sickness, or injury. Any training purchase from BBA, either private or small group sessions, must be used within three months of the purchase date and there will not be any refunds past 30 days. For clinics and after school programs, we accept payment up until the 1st day of training. We must be notified of cancellations 2 weeks before the start date to receive a full refund. If you are unsure of the initial date of purchase or registration please contact accounts receivable at

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