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See what our clients have to say!

 “Ben has taught my son fundamentals, and has provided him with the right skill set to excel in basketball. Not only has my son become a better ball player, he’s been more confident in his game on and off the court. While speaking to, and watching Ben at work, I can feel his passion and energy for the game and more importantly making better people with each kid he puts his time in with.  He has a strong positive force in the community and has a natural ability to work with kids. My son loves and will continue to work with Bellucci Basketball Academy!”

- Mike Hopkins, Assistant Coach, Syracuse Orange

 “While training in Syracuse with Bellucci Basketball Academy, Benny worked with me extensively to help me refine my ball handling and shooting skills, which led to much improvement. I continue to travel from Arizona to Syracuse each summer for 3 weeks to train with Bellucci Basketball Academy.”

- Kenneth Arrick II

Kenneth trains at 2J Academy in Phoenix, AZ with former NBA player and coach Frank Johnson. In 2008 he was named the #7 point guard in the U.S. at the National Addidas Phenom Top 150 camp.

"My sons shot was ugly to say the least, although he found a way to get the ball in the basket in was not consistent. After some private lessons with Ben and Preston his shot has improved tremendously and he is a consistent scorer for his team.We continue to work with BBA on all aspects of Aidens game and he continues to improve!!! I HIGHLY recommend BBA to anyone who's child loves the game of Basketball"


- TJ Worblewski


"Our three kids love working with Benny! 

He has a great approach with the kids and makes hard work fun!  He's great at identifying weaknesses and targeting those for improvement.  Benny knows the game of basketball and how to improve the necessary skills in a fun, positive way!"


- Jim & Juli Boeheim

Syracuse Orange

“BBA delivers excellent results through its innovative basketball teaching procedures and sound physical training techniques... as a sports physician, I highly recommend Benny's system."


 - Dr. Vincent Sportelli DC

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