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Workout Video


This service is a video of a private bba session that showcases your talents. This will include your players bio in the beginning of the video. We will have our videographer record your entire training session, that will be edited and condensed into a short film showing the players strengths, style and work ethic.


The service will require a minimum of 2 weeks to complete. 

This video can be used as part of a players basketball resume. You can send it out to schools and utilize bba’s network to gain exposure.

Rate for service provided: $250 for Video & Workout Session.

Option 1

For More Information:

(315) 278 - 3775

Film Breakdown


This service requires you to send us your film so we can break it down. This is personalized feedback that will help you better understand how you play and how you can improve and develop as a basketball player.


A BBA Trainer will create an in depth player analysis report of strengths & weaknesses and have a one on one consultation afterwards. In the consultation your trainer will discuss your game in depth and go over the things you need to work on. Your trainer will give you the drills to improve your game that you can work on by yourself or in a private bba session.


This service will require a week from the day the film is received in order to give a quality report. We ask that you provide your best and your worst game. This way we can have a fair assessment of your overall skill set. 

Rate for service provided: $99 for 2 Game Film Breakdowns. 

Option 2

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