Syracuse Private  Training

Private training is by appointment only on a first reserve basis, as there are only a limited number of spots available. Please register your child here and we will send you an email with a schedule where you will be able to choose available days, times & locations.

Training locations: Cicero, Syracuse, Jamesville, Dewitt, Mattydale & Liverpool

Private Training


Private training is a one on one session with a bba trainer. Where players can work on their specific strengths and weaknesses.







Refund and Use Policy


Any training purchase from BBA, private or small group sessions, must be used within three months of the purchase date and there will not be any refunds past 30 days.  If you are unsure of the initial date of purchase please contact accounts receivable at info@bba315.comIf you sign up for a 2 player or custom group package and a player/s is not in attendance, the player/s must pay the difference of the package rate. (e.g. 3 player session, missing 1 athlete would pay the difference of a private session because he missed the group session.)


1 SESSION      $75.00

5 SESSIONS    $340.00

8 SESSIONS    $540.00

10 SESSIONS  $640.00

15 SESSIONS  $899.00